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Provide Immediate itch Relief

DermaChill’s proprietary hand-held device uses intercepting sensory inputs to provide immediate itch relief to a localized area without the adverse effects of current market products. DermaChill helps to safely and effectively break the itch scratch cycle to protect the skin and allow for lasting healing.

Measure and monitor your progress

Sensors on the DermaChill device track itch metrics over time to identify patterns and monitor progress. Intelligent algorithms use key data points such as time, location, and frequency of itching for objective and actionable insights on potential triggers.

share with loved ones and care team

DermaChill seamlessly integrates to send live updates to parents and loved ones for immediate support during severe episodes. Additionally, select to share itch metrics with care team for improved and tailored treatments within a HIPAA-compliant framework.

With DermaChill, I can teach my kids how not to scratch.
— Jamie, S. California
I scratch so much that I can’t keep count. DermaChill helps me know how I am doing. I believe that you can’t improve what you can’t measure.
— Todd, S. California
I want to be the first to know when my son is itching at school. I don’t want a nurse I don’t know to call me after he has been in pain for hours.
— Kori, C. California

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